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German Easter

 German Easter
Germany is regarded as the birthplace of modern day Easter icons such as the Easter bunny and the Easter tree. German children were told of an "Easter bunny" (Osterhase) that hid eggs and chocolates for children to find on Easter Sunday. Today, Easter eggs are exchanged as presents in Germany.

The tradition of the egg tree is also popular in Germany. The eggs used for cooking Easter meals are not broken, but are emptied by blowing the contents into a bowl, through pinholes at either end of the egg. The hollow eggs are then beautifully decorated and hung from shrubs and trees, during Easter week. This tradition has been followed by the natives of the country, for ages.

Easter is considered an opportunity to spend some quality time with family and close friends.

Easter treats were hidden in paper mache candy containers. Nothing matches the integrity, quality and artistry of one made in an original mold, by one of the same families, in the same home workshops where the original family businesses began more than 100 years ago. These candy containers have become highly collectible.

Decorate a tree of your own with our beautiful mouthblown german glass or handcrafted pewter ornaments. Adorn your home with any of our fantastic hand carved wood or paper mache figurines.

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