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Walnut Ornament by Inge Glas $8 Each

 Walnut Ornament by Inge Glas $8 Each
Item# c1312

 Walnut Ornament by Inge Glas $8 Each
In Europe, walnuts were used as part of the Christmas Eve games and feast. One game the children especially enjoyed playing called for cracking the shell of a walnut, putting a small lit candle in it and floating it in a pan of water. The boy held his breath as the candle melted down because if the candle burned down to the bottom before turning over, it meant the boy would live a long life. The girl would carefully watch the lit candle of the walnut, hoping hers would stand the longest. The girl whose walnut shell that stood upright the longest would marry the best husband.

Mouth blown and hand painted by Inge Glas in Neustadt by Coburg, this ornament is approximately 2 1/3" tall.

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