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3 Piece Angel & Miner Candleholder by Werkstätte Volker Füchtner

 3 Piece Angel & Miner Candleholder by Werkstätte Volker Füchtner
Item# A0400

The best known representatives of the Erzgebirge are the angel and the miner (engel und bergmann). The miner's handsome parade uniform belies his dangerous work deep in the mines of the Ore Mountain. Fortunately, the miner had an angel to protect him. Both the miner and angel bear light, in the form of candles, as a means of illuminating the underground and as a symbol of life.

This miner and angel candleholder is 3 pieces, the miner, the angel and the base to stand them in.

Made by Werkstätte Volker Füchtner in Seiffen, this piece is approximately 13"" tall.


Large Pyramid Candles
Available in natural, white and red, our dripless, smokeless candles are made in Germany specifically for use with Christmas pyramids.

Each box contains 24 candles, approximately 5 7/8" tall and 5/8" in diameter.

To determine the proper size candle for your pyramid, measure the diameter of one of its candleholders. If the diameter is about 5/8", use the large size candles on this page. If the diameter is about 1/2", use the medium size candles.

Because candles may melt during shipping, we can only ship candles between October 1 and March 31.


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